Fargo Taxidermy

Sunram Taxidermy has been serving Fargo residents for over 40 years. Our work is regarded as the best in the industry. We are a full service taxidermy studio specializing in everything from fish to life-size big game from all reaches of the globe. We have experience with nearly every species in North America including deer, bear, sheep, elk, caribou, antelope, bison, goats, mountain lions, wolves and all furbearers. We also have an extensive taxidermy resume of European, African, Himalayan, New Zealand and other exotic animals. The study and recreation of wildlife is our life’s passion.

Here at Sunram Taxidermy, we have helped recreate great hunting, fishing, and outdoor memories and allowed our customers to share them with friends and family for a lifetime. Customization is our specialty and anything you want we can create. Taxidermy in Fargo is not just about displaying a beautiful specimen but it is also about telling a story and reliving an experience. Our work speaks for itself with a long list of titles and awards to go with it. Let us help you relive the hunt.

If you’re in the area and searching for Fargo taxidermy, give us a call. With extensive experience, beautiful artistry, and dedication to excellence at an affordable price, working with Sunram Taxidermy is the best choice. Come see what quality taxidermy is all about and visit Sunram Taxidermy today!